Porn is more popular than Myspace

It’s true. Google told me. But it is really not that great of a surprise. It doesn’t beat Facebook though. Not by a long shot in fact. Look, see.

Yes, I learnt today that porn is more popular than Myspace but not as popular as Facebook.


Never assume you will win Monopoly

So, I played Monopoly today. It has been many years since I have lost a game. But today, I lost. However, I did indeed hang in there until my very last little grey and white rectangle piece of paper was seized by my landlord.

Yes, I learnt today that nobody should ever assume they will monopoly, since bankruptcy can be only a little square away.

Shampoo in your eyes hurts more than eyelashes

So, many years ago I had a eyelash in my eye that just wouldn’t come out. From that day on I have regarded having an eyelash in your eye is ‘the worst pain ever’. That was until today. Yes, today I managed to get a small, yet painful, amount of shampoo in my eye. My first instinct was to rub my eye, but it only made it worse. It was so bad in fact I am officially denouncing an ‘eyelash in the eye’ as the ‘worst pain ever’ and proclaiming shampoo in the eye as ‘the worst pain ever’.

Yes, I have learnt today that shampoo in your eyes does indeed hurt more than an eyelash.